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Timing isn’t everything… but it sure does matter

How to nail the timing of your messaging

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Timing isn’t everything… but it sure does matter:

Think about the last time you purchased something and said to yourself, “Wow, that was perfect timing.”

Maybe you were at a baseball game and had just mentioned how hungry you were to your friend.

Then boom! Hot dog guy walks by a minute later, and you can’t throw your money at him fast enough.

Think about how ready you are to buy at that moment.

Great timing is what pushes that sale over the finish line.

Thankfully, these moments in your business aren’t as random as the hot dog guy showing up.

You can create and automate messaging around these moments.

You can send the right message at the right time.

How to nail the timing of your messaging:

I like to think about timing in two buckets:

Bucket #1: Automations

Automated emails and text messages are known for having a higher ROI than campaign messages.

It’s because of timing.

  • Welcome Series: Joins email list

  • Post-Purchase flow: Places an order

  • Abandon Site: Visits site and doesn’t purchase

  • Abandon Browse: Visits product page and doesn’t purchase

  • Abandon Cart: Adds a product to the cart but doesn’t purchase

  • Abandon Checkout: Starts checkout process but doesn’t purchase

The list goes on and on for these types of event triggers.

These are golden opportunities for driving conversions.

Bucket #2: Stages of Awareness

  1. Unaware: Person doesn’t know they have a problem.

  2. Problem Aware: Person knows they have a problem but doesn’t know some solutions exist.

  3. Solution Aware: Person knows that solutions exists but hasn’t chosen one and doesn’t know about your solution.

  4. Product Aware: Person knows about your solution but isn’t sure if it’s the best fit for them.

  5. Most Aware: They know a lot about your product but need a few more details to commit to buying.

If you try to sell to somebody like they’re in the Most Aware stage, but they’re really in the Problem Aware stage, the timing will feel off, and it will be tougher to convert that person.

But if you time your message well, the sales process will feel easy.

Here’s an oversimplified but perfect example of going from Unaware → Problem Aware → Solution Aware:

💥 How to take action: The right message at the right time is your best friend as a copywriter. Identify the key points in your customer’s lifecycle and time your messages accordingly.

That’s all for this week! See you next Wednesday.



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