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In today’s issue I’ll be covering:

  • Land your first $5k ghostwriting client (even if you’re a beginner).

  • Leveraging Maslow's hierarchy of needs to write compelling copy.

  • Top finds this week, including how to make a living with your email list.

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Leveraging Maslow's hierarchy of needs to write compelling copy:

“Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs is one of the best-known theories of motivation. Maslow's theory states that our actions are motivated by certain physiological and psychological needs that progress from basic to complex.”

His famous hierarchy of needs is shown below:

Let’s work our way from the bottom of the pyramid to the top and show how we can apply these needs to our copy.

In each example below, I will write copy for a course creator who is selling a course about how to grow on YouTube 👇

(1) Physiological Needs (basic needs like food, water, shelter):

How it works: This copy targets the fundamental need for financial security, implying that success on YouTube can provide the means to afford basic necessities like food and shelter.

It satisfies the reader’s basic physiological needs.

(2) Safety Needs (security, stability):

How it works: This message addresses the need for financial and career stability, suggesting that mastering YouTube can offer a secure and reliable source of income.

It satisfies the reader’s basic safety needs.

(3) Love/Belonging Needs (social relationships, belonging):

How it works: This focuses on the social aspect of YouTube, emphasizing how the course can help the reader find a sense of belonging and build social connections in the online community.

It satisfies the reader’s “Love/Belonging” needs.

(4) Esteem Needs (respect, self-esteem, recognition):

How it works: The copy highlights the potential for recognition, respect, and self-esteem that can come from being a successful YouTuber, appealing to the desire for social status and achievement.

It satisfies the reader’s “Esteem” needs.

(5) Self-Actualization Needs (achieving one's full potential, creativity):

How it works: This copy appeals to the highest level of Maslow's hierarchy, focusing on self-fulfillment, personal growth, and the realization of one’s creative potential through YouTube success.

It satisfies the reader’s “Self-Actualization” needs.

Bottom Line:

Your copy should speak to one of these 5 main needs. Whether readers realize it or not, they evaluate your product or service through these lenses.

💥 How to take action: Write out 3 lines of copy for your business that appeal to each of the 5 needs from Maslow’s pyramid. Start from the bottom and work your way up.

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That’s all for this week! See you next Wednesday.


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